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As you home school your children with CLASS, you can count on solid support from our ministry. Let us show you how easy it is to work with CLASS. 

To see all of our support pages hover over the "Support" menu above

or select it from your mobile menu.

This Support area includes much of the information found in our CLASS Handbook—and a great deal more. It covers just about every topic that might be important to you throughout your school year. For a quick look at the topics covered, just look at the bulleted items at the left of your screen. You can also view the 2022 CLASS Handbook (a 2.6 MB PDF file).

To highlight just a couple of topics, Support contains college preparation information, the online algebra tutorial lessons, and our Resource Library. The Resource Library contains links to many carefully selected Web sites we think you will find interesting and useful.

Some information in the support section is password protected and available only to CLASS families. If you are a currently enrolled CLASS family, please contact Customer Service.

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