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The CLH Curriculum Department is responsible for assigning the courses your student is to complete throughout his school year. It is also responsible for making changes to your assignments, replacing lost materials, and approving special situations specific to your student.


Adjusting Your Curriculum

The Curriculum Adjustment Request Form is your primary means to change your student’s curriculum after the books have been sent. Fill out the appropriate section and send it back to the attention of our Curriculum Department.


Changing a Course

If you find the course we assigned to be either too easy or too difficult, you may request that the assignment be changed. CLH can adjust a course (at our discretion and within the limits of our course selection) at any time within six (6) months from when your materials were shipped. If the change is made, the old course will be deleted from the student’s curriculum.

Do not return the course materials you wish to adjust with the Curriculum Adjustment Request Form; send just the form. If the Curriculum Department approves your request, the appropriate adjustment to the curriculum will be made. If the change cannot be approved, the original assignment will still be required. You will be notified should this occur.

If your adjustment has been approved, you will receive (along with the new course) instructions regarding the return of the previous course materials. Materials that are to be returned must be in “unused condition” (as determined by CLH). If you are unable to return these materials in this condition, a charge for the deleted course will appear on your next statement. Note that if the previous course materials are returned to CLH
 in non-reusable condition, they will not be returned to you, even though you have been charged for them.

Changing courses does not adjust your grade level ending date. All assignments must be completed by the ending date regardless of when you receive them. If additional time is needed, then extensions will be required.

We retain the right to deny a curriculum adjustment if for any reason we consider the change inadvisable. 

Adding a Course

Electives may be added to your junior high or senior high curriculum at any time within the six (6) month period after your books have been shipped. Note, however, that prerequisites and grade level credit limitations may prevent us from assigning the course you order.

You may, of course, always supplement our curriculum at any time with your own courses—those purchased through our online store or some other company. Do not send work to CLH that has been completed supplementally. CLH will only accept and award grade level or graduation credit for coursework assigned by CLH and taken within the CLH

Adding courses does not change your grade level ending date. Adding a course after your books arrive will give you less time to complete the course before extensions become an issue.

Deleting a Course

Non-required electives may be deleted from a student’s curriculum at any point prior to course completion. However, if a course is required, either because of grade level or graduation requirements, it cannot be deleted.

No course can be deleted once a final grade has been awarded. (Exception: see Retaking a Course.)

Do not return the course materials with your deletion request; wait until you receive confirmation that the deletion has occurred.

If the deleted course is eligible for a refund (some CLP and second-half courses are not), you will receive a Book Return Authorization Form with your confirmation, which must accompany your return. The materials being returned must be in “unused condition” (as determined by CLH
). If materials are returned that cannot be reused, no refund will be awarded nor will the used materials be sent back to you.

Required courses cannot be deleted from a student’s curriculum. All standard curriculum requirements must be completed during the grade level in which they are assigned. 

Replacing Lost or Missing Materials

If you have lost or misplaced any course materials, fill out the appropriate section on the Curriculum Adjustment Request Form and send it back to us. When the replacement items arrive you will also receive a bill for the materials. This amount will also appear on your next statement.

See the section entitled When Your Books Arrive if you did not receive the materials with your original shipment.

High School Choice

Click here to download our list of High School Course Choices


Special Situations (Yellow R&Is)

If, for a medical reason, your student is temporarily unable to meet our course requirements, contact our Curriculum Department. Send us official documentation of the problem, as well as the specific curriculum modification you are requesting. If approved, we will send you replacement Yellow R&I sheets which you should use in place of the standard white ones. The Yellow R&I sheets will have instructions that will alert our grading staff to the temporary change in requirements.

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