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Report Cards

Report cards are issued four times a year, approximately four (4) to six (6) weeks after the quarter ending dates indicated below. Tests and daily work must be postmarked by these dates in order for their grades to appear on the report card. Your report cards will reflect test scores, daily work grades, and final grades in those courses where work has been submitted. Please retain the report cards we send you so that you can verify grades received throughout the year.

You will receive your student’s report card for his first two quarters only if coursework is submitted during those time periods. You will always receive a report card for your student’s last two quarters, regardless of whether any coursework was submitted during these periods. If you purchase extensions, then you will receive a report card for each extended quarter, assuming coursework was submitted or the extended quarter is one of the student’s last two quarters.

If your account is delinquent at the time report cards are printed, then no report card will be sent. The most current report card will be sent to you after the account has been paid.


CLH Quarter Schedule

The following table lists the four (4) CLH quarters and their beginning and end dates. These should not be confused with student quarters, which are defined as the total number of quarters a student is enrolled in a particular grade level.


Student Quarters

Christian Liberty allows each student a maximum of seven (7) CLH quarters* per grade level to complete all course requirements and submit the work. Students receive four (4) CLH quarters with their enrollment; the remaining three (3) can be purchased as extensions.


*Students who are enrolled under Early Bird will receive up to two (2) additional quarters to complete the grade level, depending on the date their curriculum materials are shipped. The start date for an Early Bird enrollment is November 1 of that year, thereby providing a standard end date (student’s fourth quarter) of October 31 in the following year. Three (3) extensions can still be purchased for the grade level.

Student quarters are determined by the main curriculum ship date. A student’s first quarter begins in the CLH quarter that follows the ship date. For example:

If a student’s main curriculum ship date is August 3, then his first student quarter starts on November 1. The progression of quarters is shown on the following table.


This same schedule would apply if the curriculum ship date were June 17 or October 31. However, if the ship date were June 16, then the student’s first quarter would begin June 17.

In summary:

  • CLH quarter indicates one of the four quarters in the CLH calendar.

  • Student quarter indicates which quarter the student is in relative to his start date.

Checking for Problems

Because CLH offers great flexibility in the submission of coursework, and because it is not possible to individually log the thousands of papers we receive each week, we cannot determine if or when a particular piece of work was submitted, nor can we know if work is missing at this stage. Consequently, you are responsible for reviewing your student’s report card to verify that scores and grades for all work submitted during a quarter appear on the report card as expected. You are also responsible for notifying CLH if there is a problem.

If you believe there is an error on your report card, submit a completed Report Card Adjustment Request Form within forty-five (45) days (sixty [60] days if you have a foreign address) of the date we mailed your report card. Prior to filling out the request form, please review the specific course instructions, as well as your CLH
 Handbook or these website areas: RequirementsSubmitting Coursework, and Grading Policies, to make certain all requirements were met.

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