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Leaving CLASS

Listed below are the three ways in which students leave our program—and the actions that result in each case.


After a student graduates and receives his high school diploma, his cumulative records are transferred to permanent storage. You may ask that these documents be sent to your home instead. Upon request, we will forward all documents in your graduate’s cumulative file to your home address, except for those high school academic records we may need to fulfill transcript requests.


For various reasons, families sometimes withdraw a student from CLASS prior to high school graduation. Families sometimes do this directly by sending us a letter of withdrawal, or indirectly by sending us a transcript request, or by simply not re-enrolling.

By Letter

If you send us a letter stating that you wish to withdraw your student, the withdrawal will be effective on the day we receive your letter or the date you specify. Any cumulative records will be forwarded to the address you indicate. If no address is provided, we will send you a letter asking what you wish us to do with the cumulative records.

Once a student is withdrawn, all reporting services are terminated. You will not receive any further report cards showing coursework processed after this date. Therefore, unless you are confident that all coursework has been graded and recorded, you should state your intention to withdraw once the next quarterly report card has been mailed.

By Transcript Request

If we receive a transcript request for another pre-college level institution (e.g., elementary or high school), we will automatically assume that your student is withdrawing from our program. Any cumulative records on hand will be forwarded to that institution.

If the transcript is being sent to your home, and no letter indicating withdrawal is included, we may not send the cumulative records with the transcript. If this happens, and cumulative records exist, the records will be handled according to our automatic withdrawal process (see below).

By Not Re-enrolling

If you do not re-enroll your student, we will assume he has been withdrawn once the previous grade level has expired or has been completed. Any cumulative records on hand will be handled according to our automatic withdrawal process (see below).

Automatic Withdrawal Process

A student’s grade level is automatically withdrawn when the grade level is either completed or has reached its end date. If no other active grade levels exist, then the student is also withdrawn from our program.

If official cumulative records exist, we will wait up to six (6) months from the CLASS withdrawal date before processing, and eventually purging, the records from our system. This delay gives the family time to either reactivate their student’s grade level or submit his re-enrollment.

Before purging begins, we will send a letter to the family asking where the records should be sent (if this information has not already been received). If we receive no response from the family, we will:

  • return the records to the previous school,

  • retain the documents, or

  • destroy them.

Our action is based on the type of documents originally received and the address information provided by the original sender.

No follow-up letter is sent to the family stating the how the cumulative records were purged. If you want to know whether any documents are still on file, you will need to contact us.


If your student is expelled from CLASS due to multiple cheating and/or plagiarism offenses, he is automatically withdrawn from any active grade levels and may not re-enroll. Any official cumulative records on hand will be returned to the previous school of record.

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