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When a course failure occurs, a student is given an opportunity to remove the failing grade through our retake process. 

Retaking a Test

Christian Liberty does not offer test retakes. If a student fails a test, the failing grade stands. If the failing test grade results in a course failure, see Retaking a Course below.

Retaking a Course

Course retakes are only available to students who fail a course and those who receive a final grade of “D.” A student cannot retake a course if a final grade of “C” or higher was awarded.

Our Customer Service Research Department processes all course retakes. If you need to request a retake, you may contact us (by email at If you have questions about one, you should address your correspondence accordingly.

You will be responsible for all administrative costs related to the retake (as determined by CLH), as well as any extension fees that may result from its assignment. You will also be charged for any course materials that CLH may need to ship.

If a course is retaken, the previous course is deleted and replaced with the new course. The grade awarded on the new course will then become the student’s official grade.

A student may retake a course only once. If the course is failed a second time, the “F” will stand, and the failing grade may prevent your student from graduating. In select cases, CLH may be able to assign an additional course to make up for the credit deficit.

The course assigned for the retake may or may not be identical to the original course assigned. Determination as to what course will be assigned in a retake is at the discretion of CLH.

All retakes must be completed within the maximum number of quarters available for the grade level. The total amount of time allowed to complete a grade level does not change—even if the retake is assigned at the end of a student’s fourth quarter. You will be responsible for any extension fees. 

If a retake cannot be assigned due to time constraints, a repeat of grade level may be required (see below).

Retakes fall into the following three (3) categories.

Required Retakes

If a student fails a course required for graduation, the course must be retaken before a diploma can be awarded.

For grade levels eight through twelve, CLH will send you notification that a retake is required along with the paperwork necessary to initiate the retake process. Retakes in grades K–7 are not required by CLH and, therefore, must be initiated by you.

Notification by CLH will not occur until after a final grade of “F” has been awarded. CLH cannot notify a family of courses that the student will eventually fail before all coursework has been received and processed.

Voluntary Retakes

Students will voluntarily retake a course for two reasons: they want to improve their GPA and class rank, and they do not want an “F” appearing on their transcript.

Non-Required Elective

Students do not need to retake a course if it is not required for highschool graduation, regardless of the final grade. CLH will, however, send you notification of the failed course (for grades 8–12 only), as well as the paperwork necessary to initiate the retake process.

Grade of “D”

A student has the option to retake any course—required or otherwise—if that student receives a final grade of “D.”

The family must request the retake; CLH will not initiate this process by sending you any kind of notification.

The final grade on the retake course will stand, even if the final grade is lower than the original.


Grade Levels K–7

Retaking of courses failed in kindergarten through seventh grade is not required. CLH will not initiate retakes for courses failed in these grade levels. You must initiate such retakes, if desired.

Although kindergarten students are not required to retake any courses failed at their grade level, no Certificate of Completion will be awarded if the final grade is “Unsatisfactory.”

Due to Cheating or Plagiarism

If a failure due to cheating or plagiarism results in a course failure, CLH may permit the student to retake a substitute course in the same subject (if available) at the family’s request and at the discretion of CLH. All terms of the retake (if approved) will also be at the discretion of CLH.

Should a retake be approved, the student will be penalized one letter grade regardless of the student’s actual score on the retake. All other retake policies and procedures apply.

Repeat of Grade Level

In some situations, you may desire to or be required to repeat an entire grade level.

When a repeat-of-grade (ROG) occurs, the courses previously listed for that grade level are deleted and new courses are assigned. At the discretion of CLH, we may decide to move some or all of the previously assigned courses to the repeated grade level so that:


  1. these courses do not have to be retaken;

  2. the academic credit for these courses can apply toward graduation requirements.


Due to Grade Level Extension Limitations

If a grade level is not completed by the end of the seventh quarter, the student is withdrawn from that grade, and the grade level expires. If the incomplete courses are required for graduation, the grade level may have to be repeated. Contact our Customer Service Research Department (by email at to determine whether this is necessary.

Due to Multiple Failures

Students in grades 8–12 who fail the same required course a second time no longer qualify for graduation. Families may appeal in writing for special consideration if they find themselves in such a situation. Based on the merits of the appeal, CLH may approve a repeat-of-grade (ROG) to allow the student a final attempt to fulfill graduation requirements. Such approval is completely at the discretion of CLH based on the merits of the case as determined by CLH .

Due to Remedial or Special Status

If a student is below grade level in several subjects, either as a result of poor standardized test scores or because of a special status situation, the family may choose to have him repeat the grade level. Doing so will allow him to be assigned the next level of courses, which will bring him more in line with the grade level enrolled in (and possibly remove any special status designation). Contact our Enrollment Department (by email at if you wish to pursue this option.

Depending on the nature of the ROG, tuition and fees for an ROG may vary and will be assessed at the discretion of CLH.

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