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Christian Liberty may issue transcripts both for students who are leaving and for those who are remaining in our school system. Because transcripts are processed differently for these two groups, it is important to state in your request whether your student is being withdrawn from CLH.

Unless you indicate otherwise, we will assume you intend to withdraw from CLH when your transcript is sent to a pre-college level institution.


Submitting Transcript Requests

If you wish to request a transcript from CLH , use the Transcript Request Form (PDF). When you submit this document, send it to the following address:

Attn: Transcript Department
Christian Liberty Homeschools
502 West Euclid Avenue
Arlington Heights, Illinois 60004-5402


Make sure you legibly print the complete name and address of the place to where you want the transcript sent. This is especially important for college requests since many schools have the same name. We will mail the transcript to the address listed on the request. Missing or illegible information can result in an unmailable document.

Other institutions which request transcripts from CLH (primary and secondary schools, colleges, scholarship organizations, military recruiters, and employment agencies) will use their own request form. They do not need to use our form. Note, however, that pre-payment and a release signature may still be required (see below).

If you send us a college or scholarship application with your request, be sure you first fill in any information about the personal character and academic performance of the student. As the instructor, you are the most qualified to provide this information. If we receive a request where this information has not been supplied, we will mail the request to you, with the transcript enclosed. You should complete the application and forward it accordingly.

When your request is received, we will process it in the order it arrives, once all conditions listed in the request are met. If you do not indicate whether the transcript must be complete or have final grades for certain courses, we will process it “as is.”

CLH defines a complete transcript as one where all courses for the most recent grade level (and often the previous grade level) are finished in their entirety. If your student is being withdrawn from CLH
 without completing all courses, and you request a complete transcript, we will wait for the missing work to arrive before sending the document. For example:

You decide to withdraw Johnny from the ninth grade. You have sent in all coursework except for economics (because his new school does not require it). If you ask for a complete transcript because you want to make sure all the work you did submit is posted, we will wait for all courses to be completed, including the economics. To make sure Johnny’s transcript is mailed when it should be, you would need to itemize in your request which courses should be completed and which ones will be incomplete.

Unless you submit coursework near the end of a CLH quarter, you should allow one to two months for it to be graded and recorded. If you have coursework that must be listed on your transcript, make sure it is mailed well before your transcript request.


All CLASS Administration Plan students are eligible to receive one (1) official transcript free of charge. Each subsequent transcript costs $5.00 per document.

A $5.00 per destination fee is also charged for any transcript that is faxed or emailed by CLH . This fee is in addition to any other fees associated with processing and sending a transcript.

Payment must be sent with your transcript request. Requests received without the full payment will not be processed until payment is received. If your account has a past due amount, the past due amount must also be paid before we will process your request.


Release Signature

A release signature is required on most transcript requests to prevent unauthorized parties from obtaining access to your student’s records. The signature must be that of the person who actually signed the enrollment application, or the student if he is at least eighteen (18) years of age. CLH may choose to waive this requirement for transcripts being sent to:

  • colleges

  • universities

  • scholarship organizations

Christian Liberty will not send a transcript until the required signature is received. If a transcript request is received without the required signature, we will attempt to contact the family by letter or email.

Academic Credit

For grades nine through twelve, Christian Liberty awards academic credit for completed high school-level courses only; no credit is given for an unfinished course. If a subject is incomplete at the time a transcript is sent, it will only appear with grade-to-date and percentage-complete information. No academic credit is awarded for a course taken in the eighth grade or lower, even if the course is normally a high school-level assignment.

 does not include credits from other institutions on our transcript—they are listed on their own transcript and attached to our document. Consequently, final grades and credits from other institutions are not calculated into our GPA and class rank values.

Processing Requests

The average transcript request processing time is two to four weeks. Processing may take longer during the summer months when most requests are received. You will receive confirmation that your transcript was sent along with a summary of any related charges billed and payments received.

Transcript requests will remain active for no longer than ninety (90) days. If a request cannot be processed within that time it will be retired and you must make a new request to have that transcript sent. Reasons a transcript cannot be serviced include: a missing parent/guardian release signature, unpaid transcript fees, a delinquent account balance, and specific requirements stated in your request (e.g., a completed transcript) which have not been met.

Only work that has been graded and posted within paid quarters will appear on the transcript. If work is postmarked after your student’s end date, an extension fee must be paid before the credit for that work will appear on the transcript.

Note to college-bound students: It can take four to six weeks after a quarter end date for us to complete the grading of all coursework. What this means in practical terms is that, if you will need a completed transcript for college some time in July, you should turn in all your work by April 7th (the end of the 3rd quarter). If you submit work after June 16th, grades for those items may not be available until after the end of the next quarter—October 31st.

Transcript Content

The content of a transcript is dependent on its destination. Listed below are the various destination types and what is included in the transcript we send.

Requests for Colleges, Universities, and Scholarship Organizations

These transcripts consist of:

  1. An official copy of all ninth through twelfth grade final scores awarded to-date by Christian Liberty. This document will also show information about incomplete courses assigned by CLH, including: grade-to-date, credit-value, and percent-of-work complete.

  2. A copy of any grades and academic credits from other schools (high school and above).

  3. All college test results (ACT, SAT, etc.) we have received.

  4. Any forms the requesting school requires us to complete.

Requests for Non-College Level Institutions

These transcripts consist of:

  1. An official copy of all kindergarten through eighth grade final scores awarded by CLH. This document will also show information about incomplete courses assigned by us, including grade-to-date and percent-of-work complete.

  2. An official copy of all ninth through twelfth grade final scores awarded to-date by Christian Liberty. This document will also show information about incomplete courses assigned by CLH, including: grade-to-date, credit-value, and percent-of-work complete.

  3. The original copies of all cumulative records and college test results on hand.

  4. The student’s most recent standardized test scores.

  5. Any forms the requesting school requires us to complete.

Requests for Your Family

Families may request a transcript for several reasons, including starting their own home school, acting as intermediary for a college application, or obtaining a copy for their records. Because some options presume you are withdrawing from the CLH program, you must state why you are requesting the transcript. If you do not state the reason for your transcript request, we may assume your student is leaving our program and will process the request accordingly; any cumulative records on hand would be sent to you.

Family requests are processed as either college or non-college requests. Please refer to those sections above for information regarding transcript content and any specific requirements you must meet.

While Christian Liberty will send cumulative records to—or receive cumulative records from—a family, many other schools will not. Therefore, if you are transferring to another school, we recommend you have the transcript sent directly to that institution.

Other Requests

Other requests include, but are not limited to: legal cases, military and civil service requests, and employment applications. Such requests are handled on an individual basis because no standard rules apply. However, these requests are generally treated as college-level requests, except that a parent/guardian (or student if over eighteen [18]) release signature is required.

GPA Calculation

To calculate your student’s GPA, complete the following steps. 

Convert all letter grades (semester [or equivalent] or final grades only) into a numeric format. On a 4.0 scale, this breaks down as: 


*CLH does not use these letter grades. The numeric equivalents listed should only be used if the transcript in question does not provide a more accurate equivalent of the letter grade awarded.


Courses with “S” and “U” grades are not included in GPA calculations. However, academic credit may have been awarded for them. If so, make sure you remove these credits from the total number of academic credits possible for the grade level prior to completing Step 4.


Multiply each numeric equivalent by the amount of academic credit earned for that course.

Add these values together.

Divide this number by the total number of academic credits possible for the grade levels in question. This number is your student GPA on a 4.0 scale.


Johnny’s high school transcript shows the following information:


Convert grades into numeric equivalent and multiply by the credit earned.


Adding the last column together, you get: 12.0

Add the number of possible credits.

1.0 + 0.5 + 0.0 + 0.5 + 1.0 + 0.5 + 1.0 + 0.0 + 0.0 + 0.0 = 4.5

Divide your numeric sum by the total possible.

12.0 / 4.5 = 2.66666

Johnny’s GPA as of ninth grade is 2.67

Transcript Expedite Service

This service provides quick processing of work only for those who are responding to immediate legal challenges and for high school students faced with an imminent deadline for scholarship consideration or entrance into the military. It is not available to those who simply wish to speed up the grading of their coursework.

If you believe you meet these criteria, contact our Customer Service Department for details and fee information. If your request is approved, the necessary packet of forms will be mailed to you. Only coursework submitted under the terms outlined in the packet is eligible for this service. Work submitted outside the expedite process may or may not appear on the expedited transcript. 

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