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Reusable Book List Policy

If we assigned any books which you wish to reuse when enrolling your other children, please include a Reusable Book List with your enrollment application. Include only those titles you would like us to assign. Keep in mind that entering a title on your Reusable Book List does not guarantee that it will be assigned.

Send the full tuition amount with your application. If our curriculum staff assigns books you already have, we will calculate your refund and credit your account only after you have sent the full tuition and the main curriculum is shipped. If you paid your tuition by charge card, we will credit your card account for reusable books. 

Christian Liberty does not give financial credit for most teacher keys or manuals, nor do we give financial credit for textbooks published by Christian Liberty Press.

The reusable book list credit does not apply to the second year for a textbook used in a two-year course.

Do not use the Reusable Book List to return books to CLASS. If you need to return materials, contact Customer Service for a Book Return Authorization Form. 

Reusable Book List Instructions

Note: Incomplete or innacurate information may prevent CLASS from honoring your request. 

Book Title

The complete title of the book as printed on the cover or, in cases where multiple items are in a boxed set (e.g., our foreign language audio materials), the title shown on the box itself. Be sure to include the series number or letter, as well as the edition number (if applicable). 


The company that printed the text; not the author.

Copyright Date

The most recent copyright date of the text which immediately follows the “©” symbol.


Indicate which items you have for the course. Either check the appropriate box or write in the space provided.

Text is considered to be the student’s textbook, workbook, or a boxed set (such as our foreign language audio materials). If the course has more than one textbook, indicate which ones you have in the “Other (explain)” section.

Key includes items entitled answer key, teacher’s manual, or teacher’s guide.

Other (explain) consists of any item that does not fall into the two aforementioned categories. If you are unsure whether an item should be listed under “Text” or “Key,” write it in here.

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