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Refund Policy

Do not return any materials to CLASS before you receive the Cancellation Kit.


If you choose to cancel after enrolling with CLASS, please contact our Customer Service Department promptly before returning any materials. If you have already submitted the completed standardized entrance test, your call will prevent further processing steps which would decrease your refund. When you call, use our Customer Service Call Log (PDF version) to record the date and name of the representative with whom you spoke.

This call is important, but it does not cancel your enrollment. A signed letter from the family or a cancellation form (mailed or faxed) is required before any cancellation is considered official. If CLASS does not receive this written documentation within sixty (60) days of your call, we will either resume the enrollment or initiate a CLASS cancellation.

Class Plan and Family Plan families have thirty (30) days from the main curriculum shipping date [sixty (60) for foreign shipments] to cancel from our program and request a tuition refund. If you decide to cancel after you have received your curriculum, contact Customer Service prior to returning any materials and request a Cancellation Kit.

This kit contains a Cancellation Letter/Returned Materials Authorization which, when completed and returned to CLASS, serves as your official cancellation letter. The kit also includes a Returned Materials shipping label which must be affixed to the outside of your returned package (or envelope if canceling prior to receiving curriculum).


You must return all unused curriculum materials to CLASS. If a book has been damaged or has any writing in it, even just a student’s name, it is considered used and should not be returned. Christian Liberty is the final arbiter of whether a course item is considered used. Returned materials that are considered by CLASS to be used cannot be sent back to you. The CLASS Handbook and book report lists, if any, are yours to keep.

Your tuition refund for each student canceled will be based on the schedule below. The amounts shown, plus the cost of any used or unreturned materials and any account balance, will be subtracted from your original tuition payment. This schedule is subject to change without notice.

All materials must be returned to CLASS before a refund will be issued.

*Shipping costs are not refundable

Note: Required pre-tests must be completed and returned within ninety (90) days from the date sent. Failure to do so may result in the enrollment being cancelled by CLASS without refund (see CLASS Cancellation below). If the pre-test is not required, the enrollment will be processed after ninety (90) days as if the pre-test was never requested.

CLASS Cancellation

If CLASS cancels your enrollment, any amount remaining in your account after the deductions noted above may be used toward another enrollment within twelve (12) months of the cancellation date. If you do not intend to cancel, please return your completed achievement tests to us promptly, or contact us regarding the reason for your delay. 

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