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As we strive to fulfill our calling to raise up the next generation, we, like our students, are part of a spiritual battle. We are affecting lives, and the enemy doesn’t want that to continue. But our God is great, and we are trusting in His provision.

Remember, the struggles of all Christ-focused ministries are constant, and the needs are always greater than the resources. Your continued partnership with us is essential for the days ahead if we are to continue to make a lasting difference. Though our need is great, every gift can help.


We are especially encouraging monthly gifts. Would you be able to give even $10.00 or $25.00 a month? We are excited to partner with Giving Fuel which allows you to give any amount and even set up automatic monthly donations. We are looking to build a base of 1000 monthly supporters to our ministry.


Of course, a year-end gift also helps us carry out our work.

Thank you!

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