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Graduation Service

We are greatly saddened and disappointed to have to announce the cancellation of our July 11th on-campus graduation service for CLASS students.

Our ministries, of course, have been affected by the response of the State of Illinois, which has been among the most restrictive in the nation. Our on-campus academy is closed for the remainder of the school year. Our home school offices continue to operate but we are not able to host gatherings. We are also concerned for the safety of our students and families as well as our staff, so we do not feel we have any other choice. When we originally rescheduled the service to July 11th, we believed that we would be able to celebrate together. Regrettably this is not the case

Even though we cannot meet for an official ceremony, we encourage you to find other ways to celebrate this significant milestone in your child’s life. Take pictures of your graduate (in his/her cap and gown if you have them), honor your child with announcements to family and friends, put up yard signs, and celebrate with (lots of) cake or a special family meal. These will be the things you remember most when you look back on this important moment in history.

Let's celebrate anyway!

Since we can't get together, tell us more about your student's accomplishments and/or awards and upload a picture! We'll post it on our 2020 graduate page

If, for some reason your CLASS Administration Plan student is not listed, and they plan to finish this year (2020), fill out our form and we will add them to the page.

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