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Free Additional Resources for our Enrolled Families

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Christian Homeschooling: Foundation and Practice

Whether you are just considering homeschooling or have been teaching for years, this guide contains a wealth of practical information on the foundation, fundamentals, and form of Christian homeschool education. Topics discussed include understanding Christian education, parental rights and responsibilities, accountability and structure, teaching several children, using textbooks effectively, teaching art and music at home, and more.

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Weighed in the Balance and Found Wanting

This booklet, edited by Dr. Paul D. Lindstrom, analyzes why secular public education is failing. There must be an alternative, and this booklet gives us just that. (Christian Liberty Press)


The SafetyNet Plan

This book, incorporated into your family devotions, will help transform your children’s thinking. Over and over we hear the words, “the decline of the American family.” As parents, we must remedy this situation.

The SafetyNet Plan will help you to understand God’s perspective for every area of your children’s studies. Whether that be literature, science, mathematics, government, music, or more... this book will help you develop a truly Christian worldview of life.


Family Worship Hymnal

The gift of music is a wonderful treasure indeed! Countless homes and churches have been blessed over the centuries by songs of praise and worship to Almighty God and by songs that remind us of the value of friendship, love, and freedom. It is through the singing of songs and hymns that God often chooses to unite hearts and kindle deeper sentiments of affection within the souls of His creatures. How much poorer would we be without the blessed memory of past days that were spent in the happy exercise of singing?

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